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ABOUT Me and who we are

Hi my name is Nerses, but family calls me Nerso. That is what happens when you sign up here. You become family, and what does family do for one another? They no matter what they show up for each other. They truly want the best for you, support you in the choices that you decide to make, and standing right by your side through right and wrong. In my life I have had my own personal coaches from playing sports and mentors (older family members and great friends) and I remembered the impact they had on my life and I want to do the same for others what they did for me. I do believe no one wants to be just 'ok' in life. Everyone wants a little more and that's where I come in. 


We will be creating effective step by step plans, so you can take action. We will sit and organizing your thoughts and ideas, putting them on paper coming up with a clear set blueprint that we will execute. I myself have a lot of plans and ideas for the future of our business here at Beast Life. I am excited to meet you along your journey and to learn how you see the world and what you want to give to it! Let me be the first to welcome you to the jungle, where beasts are unleashed to roam free in this kingdom. 

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Where should we start

  • Where the marathon turns into a sprint! Are you prepared?

    30 min
    149.99 US dollars
  • One month, 5 sessions. Once a week, 7.5 hours in total.

    1 hr 30 min
    999 US dollars
  • Its not when you started. Its why you started.

    1 hr
    249.99 US dollars